CBSE 9th English- Beehive

The Lake Isle Of Innisfree (poem)

Thinking about the poem

Question 1.What kind of place is Innisfree? Think about:

  1. the three things the poet wants to do when he goes back there (stanza I);
  2. what he hears and sees there and its effect on him (stanza II);
  3. what he hears in his “heart’s core” even when he is far away from Innisfree (stanza III).


Innisfree is a beautiful place where nature is in its frill swing.

  1. The poet wants to build a small hut of clay and wattles. He will have a nine bean-rows and a hive for the honeybees.
  2. He hears peace come dropping and the cricket sing. He sees the midnight shine and a purple glow at noon. Evenings are full of linnet’s wings. He feels happy and gets peace of mind.
  3. The poet hears the lake water lapping the shore with low sounds.

Question 2.By now you may have concluded that Innisfree is a simple, natural place, full of beauty and peace. How does the poet contrast it with where he now stands? (Read stanza III.)Answer:.The natural beauty of Innisfree is used and explained in contrast with the roads and pavements in city. The pavement is of grey colour which symbolises decay and death.

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