CBSE 7th English Honeycomb Book

Trees (Poem)

A Working with the Poem

Question 1: What are the games or human activities which use trees, or in which trees also “participate’?

Solution : Children use trees for their games. They make tree houses and play “hide and seek’ behind the trees.

Trees play an important role also while adults are spending some time at leisure. Under the shade of the trees,

they have their tea parties and they also become a befitting Subject matter for painting.


Question 2:

  1. “Trees are to make no shade in winter.” What does this mean? (Contrast this line with the line immediately before it.)
  2.  “Trees are for apples to grow on, or pears.” Do you agree that one purpose of a tree is to have fruit on it? (Or) 

    Do you think this line is humorous?


  1. During summers, the trees provide cool shade. In winters, this shade is not required.

    So people stand under the open sun to enjoy its Warmth,

  2. One purpose of the trees is to provide fruits like apples, pears and so on. This line is not humorous. r> 

    Humans do rely on trees for food.


Question 3: With the help of your partner, try to rewrite some lines in the poem,

or add new ones of your own as in the following examples. Trees are for birds to build nests in.

Trees are for people to sit under. Now try to compose a similar poem about Water, or air.


Trees are for birds to build nests in.

Trees are for people to sit under.

Trees are for those leisurely hours to enjoy the beauty of nature,

Trees are for the homemakers to beautify their house. Trees are for the sick ones to derive their medicine from.

Trees are for everyone because to every person a tree has some gift to offer.

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