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The Road Not Taken (Poem)

Thinking about the poem


Thinking about the poem

Question 1.Where does the traveller find himself?What problem does he face?Answer:The traveller finds himself at a point where two roads diverge. His problem is to decide on which road he should walk.


Question 2.Discuss what these phrases mean to you.

  1. a yellow wood
  2. it was grassy and wanted wear
  3. the passing there
  4. leaves no step had trodden black
  5. how way leads on to way


  1. A forest in the autumn season.
  2. The road was grassy because it was a less travelled road. It wanted people to move on it.
  3. It implies walking on the road.
  4. It means the leaves had not been crushed under the feet of travellers.
  5. How one road leads to another?
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